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Welcome to DL6DBN’s Open Hard and Software Pages.

Projects in progress or finished

AstroPi: My version of an AstroPi (the Pis flying on the ISS)

BirdBox: My version of a RaspberryPi Bird Box

FOXAVR: An Atmel AVR based ARDF beacon controller, coded with BASCOM-AVR.

ScratchX-Projects: Container for my ScratchX Projects (mostly experimental themselves).

ScratchX-Sandbox: My playground to experiment with ScratchX Javascript extensions.

Projects to start with (soon, someday or never)

Magic Mirror: Mirror or POI with Raspberry Pi displaying selected information at home


CallMe: Frank, 6DBN (six dee bee en) or fr4b3r1x

FullTime: Family, Engineer, Technical Communicator

SpareTime: Scratcher, AppInventor, (Radio) Orienteerer, Radio Amateur, Stargazer

Support or Contact

You want to contact me? Try dl6dbn@googlemail.com